I am not a fan of conceptual designs. Not that I have anything against imagination, but many of these projects don’t even turn into finished products and it is disheartening for a design lover like me. So, if I had one superpower to turn a conceptual design into reality, I’d go all guns blazing for ‘Spinning’ coffee table by Deniz Aktay.

Coming across hundreds of table designs every week, it is very rare that a design catches my eye and touches my soul with its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Spinning coffee table is a combo of both. Serving as the perfect centerpiece for your living, the metal table is poised on three legs. These legs not just hold the top of the table but also function as book storage.

The table looks identical to a fidget spinner from a top view, but if that’s the reason to dub it Spinning, the designer should probably think of other alternatives. Maybe a Pokemon table, since the base looks similar to those round-shaped cards with cuts on either side which made our childhood remarkable.

There are three curves on the table which serve as a storage section and look somewhat similar to Nendo minimalist bookshelf, barring they featured a stand and in this case, the storage section is itself the stand. I don’t know the exact reason why the designer named the furniture ‘Spinning’ because it’s definitely not whirling with those metal legs intact or is it?

To answer this, Deniz Aktay told Homecrux, “The design originated from a simple circular profile. The table’s legs generate a useful and simple storage area and gives the imagination of spinning making the design more dynamic and exciting.”

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Suited for both home and office environments, the table is finished in black color. Functioning as a coffee table, this aesthetic piece of furniture would blend with any interior and formulate a wonderful home décor item. For more information, one can visit the designer’s official Instagram handle.