Three semi-circular wooden sheets rotated in a specific angle shape the „LILY“ side table. The arrangement is geometrically accurate and therefore the design is not only an eye-catcher but also an example for mathematical harmony which makes it even more pleasant.


I like the unique shape of this side table generated by very simple methods. The „praying“ arms as well as the table’s legs are all shaped out of solid wood so no complex bending is needed for this design.


Quite a simple table design but the tabletop will surprise you. The plywood top bends on one side and therefore transforms into a smooth transport handle.


I just love this little side table with a book storage in its „stomach“ which is easily generated by arranging two hollowed cubes in this special way.


Somehow the top reminded me of a serious but also very lordly looking owl so I named it that way. By limiting the black wood finish only on the outer surface and leave the carved out parts untreated you add an extra eye cathing moment.


A lightweight, minimalistic, elegant and transportable side table made out of metal.


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The polygonal „Zero” side table is a modern metal-based eye-catcher. The futuristic look is generated with simple but clever folding techniques demonstrating the simplicity yet post-modern aesthetics „Zero“ stands for.


I love the idea of designing a table or stool with multiple identical wooden elements. If you look closely, even the legs blend together nicely here. They are just variants of the basic elements, so that all together form a design unit. By changing the top texture of the legs, I wanted to construct a […]


This modern metal table is poised on three legs which not just hold the top of the table but also function as book storage. The inclined legs are not only highlighting the store books but also give the table a special dynamic.